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VICL has been the active voice for the boating industry since 1968. We believe that the charter industries concerns and priorities should be represented to the government and community when necessary. We are here to listen to your concerns, keep you up to date on current boating issues in the Virgin Islands to provide you with the tools to run a successful charter business.

Latest Topics


Green Boating and You!

VICL has taken the Ocean Conservancy’s
“5 Ways Boaters Can Protect Our Oceans and Waterways”
and expanded them to specifically meet the needs of VICL members. We posted one tip each week for the month of April; check them out below.


The LIONFISH Invasion

I’m sure you have seen this poster at your local dive shop, marine store counter, mail service provider, and or marina but have you reported a sighting or extracted a Lionfish?

Recording can now be done from your phone in between dives!
Just visit COREVI.ORG from your phone and use the easy pre-made form to input the data. Total time…less then a minute!

If you are interested in becoming a Lionfish Responder contact the CORE Foundation’s Caribbean Lionfish Response Program coordinator for more information.


DPNR Raising Fees Despite Lack of Services for Boating Community

The VICL will be releasing an official statement on this matter very soon.We would also like to invite you to write your own letter of concern or testimonial and send it to us via email. We will be releasing an official statement and would like to include your voice as well. Please stay tuned for more information.

If you have not heard of the mooring increases and the situations surrounding the ongoing debate please click on the links below for more information.

VICL Boaters-Paradise-License-Plate

Boaters Paradise License Plates

The VICL now offers mariners a chance to show off their boaters pride on land with a Boater’s Paradise License Plate, the ideal souvenir for yourself or friends or family back home or your car here on land! All proceeds support the VICL to continue advocating the charter yacht and marine industry.

Contact us for getting your own Paradise License Plate! Tel: 340-774-5630


The Dinghy Dock at YHG

Many of you have been asking about the repair of the dinghy dock at Yacht Haven Grande. The VICL is now looking into putting together a fundraiser to help make that happen. We would like to have a live music jam with the members of the VICL as our band. If you would like to participate, please shoot us an email. Also, if you don’t play music but  would like to volunteer your time or a service, please email us with your idea.